About Us

With all the negative hoopla on social media, it’s heartwarming to know there are people living among us that are pure and good.

Our beginnings are tied to an individual such as this who saw a boy in need and embraced and loved him when he needed it most. To our family, RIX MIX is so much more than a Bloody Mary mix. It’s a story of a special soul who helped a boy realize his dreams. RIX MIX is dedicated to Granny Jo, our inspiration. Rick met Granny Jo when he was just a pup. She was his sixth grade teacher. After Rick’s mother died, Granny Jo stepped back into his life giving him the love and support he needed to finish college. During Rick’s college years, he would go home to Granny Jo’s often. Her home was always filled with friends, laughter, and food. She loved to cook and entertain and instilled that passion in Rick.

Upon one fateful trip home,

Rick found Granny Jo working on a Bloody Mary mix. After one taste, Rick knew she was on to something special. Rick was hooked and together, he and Granny Jo began a mission to tweak the recipe until they had Bloody Mary perfection.

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